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The Use Of Spirit Level

Dec 10, 2017

Spirit Level is a kind of measuring tool used for testing or measuring horizontal and verticality. It is made up of left ruler and right ruler which can be measured by spreading. It can be used for measurement of short distance, In the distance measurement.

The accuracy and stability of the Spirit Level is relatively high. Its use solves the shortcomings of the prior art that the level meter can only be measured openly and narrowly in a narrow place. The utility model has the advantages of light weight and convenient portability, and can be easily used by one person with accurate measurement , Low cost, anti-bending, not easy to deformation, economical and practical.

Before using the spirit level, we must first check its availability, to see whether the surface of the scale rupture, porosity and other defects, the liquid level is clear and transparent. After we have determined that the ruler is in good condition, we will calibrate it. The way to calibrate the level is very simple: flat the level on the wall, draw a line along the edge of the ruler on the wall, and then swap the Spirit Level left and right, put on the original draw line, if the ruler Coincides with the line, the level of the standard pipe water is flat, then the level of accuracy when accurate, on the contrary need to be corrected.

There are typically three glass tubes on the level and one bubble in each tube. The level on the measured object, the level of the bubble on which side of the bias, it means that the side of the high, you need to reduce the side of the height, or increase the opposite side of the height; if the blisters living in the center, said The measured object is horizontal in this direction. The horizontal glass tube is used to measure the horizontal plane, the vertical glass tube is used to measure the vertical plane, the other is used to measure forty-five degrees, three blisters are used to check the measurement Whether the surface is horizontal, the bubbles are centered, and vice versa. In addition, determining the principle of one plane based on two intersecting lines requires measuring two non-parallel positions in the same plane to determine the level of the plane.

Spirit Level is very easy to store, hang somewhere or flat on the desktop, drawer can be, but will not be long-term flat affect its straightness and parallelism. If aluminum-magnesium light level, there is not easy to rust Oh. During use, the level does not oiled oil, if not long-term use, store gently coated with a thin layer of general industrial oil can be.

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