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The Accuracy Of The Spirit Level Is Generally Much

Dec 10, 2017

A long-distance horizontal ruler is characterized in that the main body of a spirit level is composed of two gauges (1) and a right ruler (4) that can be spread apart and measured. Such a level ruler can be used for short range measurement, but also for long distance measurement, but also to solve the existing spirit level can only be measured in open areas, narrow measurement difficult shortcomings, and measurement accuracy, low cost, easy to carry, economical Be applicable.

Level ruler is mainly used to detect or measure the level and verticality, can be divided into square tube aluminum alloy, I-shaped, die-casting, plastic type, shaped and other specifications; length from 10CM to 250CM multiple specifications; The flatness and bubble quality determine the accuracy and stability of the scale.

Level for testing, measuring, marking, equipment installation, industrial engineering construction.