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Structure And Troubleshooting Characteristics Of Leveling Bubble

Dec 10, 2017

Bubble environment test equipment a wide range, but the most widely used environmental test equipment for high temperature, low temperature, hot and humid chamber, and now more popular is a collection of high temperature, low temperature, heat as one of the chambers - thermal shock chamber, which The difficulty of repair than other environmental test equipment, and representative. The following hot and cold impact test chamber, for example, talk about the thermal shock chamber structure and some common failures and troubleshooting.

(A), common thermal shock chamber structure

Test personnel in addition to operating properly according to rules and regulations, but also should have an understanding of its structure. Thermal shock chamber from the box, the wind cycle system, refrigeration systems, heating systems and control system components. The air circulation system generally adopts the structure of adjustable air supply direction; the humidification system has two types, that is, humidification by the boiler and surface evaporation; the cooling and dehumidification system adopts the air conditioning cooling structure; the heating system adopts electric fins to heat and the electric furnace wire is directly heated Two kinds of structure; Temperature and humidity test method using wet and dry bulb test method, but also useful direct measurement of humidity sensors; control and display interface using temperature and humidity separately and temperature and humidity combination controller.

(B), some common thermal shock test chamber failure and troubleshooting:

1. In the high temperature test, such as the temperature changes less than the test temperature, you can check the electrical system, one by one troubleshooting. If the temperature rises very slowly, we must check the wind circulation system, take a look at the regulation of the wind cycle baffle is turned on normally, on the contrary, to check the wind circulation motor operation is normal. Such as temperature overshoot then need to set the PID tuning parameters. If the temperature rises directly, over-temperature protection, then the controller fails to replace the control instrument.

2. Low temperature can not reach the test indicators, then you have to observe the temperature changes, the temperature drop is very slow, or the temperature to a certain value after the temperature rise, the former will check to do before the low temperature test will The studio drying, so that the studio to keep dry after the test sample into the studio to do the test, the studio test sample is placed too much level bubble so that the work of the wind can not be fully circulated in the exclusion of the above reasons , It is necessary to consider whether it is a fault in the refrigeration system, so we should ask the manufacturers of professionals for overhaul. The latter phenomenon is caused by the poor use environment of the equipment. The ambient temperature of the equipment and the place (the distance from the wall to the wall) of the equipment should meet the requirements (as specified in the operating instructions of the equipment).

3. Do damp heat test, the actual humidity will reach 100% or the actual humidity and the target humidity vary greatly, the value is much lower, the former phenomenon: wet gauze may be caused by drying the gauze, then check the wet Whether the water tank in the ball sensor is lack of water or not, the water level in the water tank is automatically controlled by a water level controller, whether the water supply of the water level controller is normal or not, and whether the water level controller works normally or not. Another possibility is wet ball gauze due to the use of a long time, or the purity of the water quality reasons, the standard bubble will make the gauze harden, so gauze can not absorb moisture and dry