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Is there water in the spirit Level?

Dec 10, 2017

The inside of the level inside the loaded equipment is: Ethylene glycol + alcohol + water + glycerin

The characteristics of the level of feet

Light weight, less than 2 meters of 1.5kg / m, 2 meters above the 3kg / m. A 6-meter long flat-foot only 18 kilograms, one can easily use. Not easy to deform: General steel material service point is 30kg / mm2, cast iron parts of the service point is 38kg / mm2, and magnesium alloy reached 110kg / mm2, equivalent to 3-4 times, played a bending, not easy to deform Effect, magnesium alloy flat-foot bending resistance is far beyond the other materials.

Level with a horizontal bubble level, can be used to test, measure, test equipment is installed level. Such as nuclear power plant equipment such as pump leveling to find use.