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How to adjust the leveling bubble

Dec 10, 2017

There is a leveling bubble behind the balance. The level bubble must be in the center of the liquid cavity, otherwise the weighing is inaccurate. After the adjustment, should not move as much as possible, otherwise, the level bubble may be offset, and need to be retuned.

The balance usually has 2 flat bottom seats, usually in the back and in the front. Rotate the two flat base and adjust the balance level.

1, rotate the left or right flat bottom seat, and adjust the level bubble to the center line of the liquid cavity. A separate rotation of a left or right flat base, in fact, is the adjustment of the balance of the balance, and the leveling bubble is sure to be transferred to the central line. The key is to adjust which flat bottom. Beginners can judge the way, the first manual tilt the balance, so that the bubble to reach the central line, and then look at the adjustable flat base, which is a high, or low, adjust one leveling base height, can make the bubble moves to the center line.

Note: after reaching the central line, the next step can be taken.

2, at the same time, rotate two flat bottom seats. The amplitude must be the same. All of them must be clockwise or counterclockwise, so that the level bubble moves in the central line, and finally moves to the center of the liquid chamber.

When the base is leveled and rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, the balance will remain unchanged, so that the level bubble will not deviate from the central line. As long as there is no problem in the direction of rotation, it will reach the center of the liquid chamber.

At the same time, rotate clockwise or counter clockwise: both hands rotate at the same time to adjust the base. (one hand to the chest, one hand to the chest, opposite direction, usually at the same time clockwise or counter clockwise rotation of the base).

Direction problem: the beginner is not easy to judge the direction. You can manually lift the base or another support to move the bubble to the center, and then observe the position of the leveling base to see whether it needs to be adjusted or needed.

Attention, the second step, the two hands must be consistent. If it does not agree, the liquid bead will offset the central line. If it is offset, it will be possible to start again from the first step.

After 1-2 minutes of proficiency, the level of a balance can be leveled out.