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Classification of electronic level bubbles

Dec 10, 2017

The resistance type dominated by tube bubble, there are three electrodes on the surface of the cloth surface blisters, a common electrode, the two electrode along the tube axis symmetrical distribution, form two capacitors and a common electrode, bubbles of gas bubbles and liquid as the capacitor dielectric, leaning blisters, bubbles mobile, the two capacitor dielectric changes, capacitance change, oscillator composed of two capacitors, which can detect the frequency difference of angle.

Based on inductive tube bubble, the shaft on both sides of the distribution of two coil tube along with magnetic fluid blisters, blisters in the bubble at the level of state is the two coil inductance equal symmetrical, vesicular tilting, bubble movement, two coil inductance ranging from bridge voltage corresponding to the variation of dip solution.

The photoelectric form has two forms: the round level bubble and the tubular level bubble. The light source of the LED is transmitted through the level, and the other side of the level is symmetrically equipped with 2 /4 photosensitive receiving originals. At the horizontal state, the bubble is centered, and the light flux of each of the two photosensitive receiving originals is equal. After the bubble is slightly tilted, the bubbles move, and the 2 photosensitive receiving original parts can not be luminous. The voltage change of the corresponding dip angle is solved by photoelectric conversion.