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category of bubble vials

Dec 10, 2017

Glass level bubble:

High precision glass long blisters, highly transparent, five years of quality, precision 30 ', can rotate around the 0, 0' axis rotation to maintain accuracy.

Plastic leveling bubble:

The accuracy of level bubble is also called angular value. For circular level bubble, accuracy refers to the inclination of level bubble when the bubble moves 2 millimeters along the direction of the center of the differentiation line. For long bubble level, the accuracy refers to the inclination of level bubble when the bubble moves along the horizontal bubble for 2 millimeters.

Metal level bubble:

The metal level bubble is combined with the glass shell with precision R and aluminum alloy, copper or stainless steel and other metal shells, which is cold and processed. It is beautiful, durable and easy to install. The precision can be selected as 5'2mm-60' 2mm, which is mainly used in the triangle base, the level meter, the high sensitivity balance, etc.

Specification editor

The level of global precision and angle values. The circular bubble, the bubble by precision refers to the differentiation center of the line along an arbitrary direction angle radius of 2 mm when the bubble. The bubble length, precision refers to the bubble bubble along the axial movement angle of 2 mm level. English material for. Sensitivity.

The sensitivity of a level bubble is generally 1/10 of precision, and it is the inclination of the eye when it is found to be bubbling. Japanese data is marked as a sense of sensitivity.

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